Testimonial: "very thoughtful and caring ways"

May I take this opportunity to thank you and all of your staff for the very thoughtful and caring ways that you have found to support my
family following the death of my mother on the 22nd August 2008.

I know you will appreciate that in my own professional experience as a police officer, one of the pitfalls that individuals often face is in not recognising that what is "just another job" for you, is actually likely to be a very traumatic experience for the client. Attitude and approach is all.

Your attitude and approach as a company and as individuals, in our experience was not lacking in any way and made our path through events so much easier to navigate.

Once again, thanks for everything.

PW, Shropshire

Testimonial: "Funeral firm guided us through difficult period"

"Funeral firm guided us through difficult period" Shropshire Star March 7th 2009

May I thank publicly the funeral directors Aubrey Kirkham who recently oversaw the proceedings for my father-in-law's funeral.

The company acted with the utmost professionalism and dignity throughout the day of the funeral and ensured that family and friends were guided through a difficult day.

A special thank you to Aubrey who acted with kindness and who gave expert advice and supported us through the whole sad process.

JW, Shrewsbury

Testimonial: "'Superb' hardly covers it"

I have arrived here tonight because I have been discussing the wonderful service you provided and all the effort and elegance you added, and much more.

I cant thank you enough. 'Superb' hardly covers it. You are very special people and will always have a place in my heart with my memories of my wonderful son. Warmest wishes to all.


Testimonial: "such great dignity"

Genya and myself thank you and your staff for conducting ***** funeral with such great dignity. All the guests were most impressed. I will also thank Derrick for his contribution. May I say that we will highly recommend your company for the way in which you organise and undertake what can be a difficult time for a lot of people. Again very many thanks. Just one last item. Can you please confirm the date for us to collect ***** ashes for the scattering at the Crematorium Garden.

Yours sincerely,


Testimonial: "care and attention to detail made all the difference"

A small token of my gratitude for all you did for me.

The care and attention made all the difference.

What a wonderful day for my *** - you and Phil made it very special.

Many thanks and Best Wishes

AV, Shropshire


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