The Team

At the most sensitive time that any family will experience, the personal attention, care and planning that's invested in a loved one's funeral is absolutely essential to commemorate their life in as dignified and respectful way as possible. Many people find themselves daunted by the prospect of having to arrange a funeral, especially if they haven't arranged one before.

It's not unusual to feel unsure where to turn or what to do first. This is where we help, as professional Funeral Directors and we guide you through every step of the funeral from registering the death and arranging the funeral, to offering telephone bereavement support on the loss of a loved one.

Aubrey Kirkham has personally got a wealth of appropriate experience as well as the specialised skills he has developed over the years as a funeral director. Previously he was a Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages prior to this as a Police Officer. This helps him and his colleagues, to respond to families with great life experience, sympathy, consideration and support.

A funeral service is a very personal occasion, and Aubrey Kirkham Funeral Directors, can respond to the unique requirements of families, covering an entire spectrum of needs. The theme is consistent in that Aubrey Kirkham Funeral Directors, aspire to the very highest of standards all of the time.