Green FUNERAL Ceremonies

Green Funerals Shrewsbury, Shropshire"Dying a Good Death" someone called it!! I believe it is having your say in what happens next, would be a far better title.

I suppose it is fair to say that the best person to arrange your own funeral is you. We know what we would wish to be done, said, and sung and where it should all be done. We know too what we would prefer not to be said or done. So what can we do about it?

Well, I suppose the first big step is to get things written down. We, here at Aubrey Kirkham Funeral Directors have a Pre- Arrangement Service, aimed at helping and supporting people just like you in getting their wishes recorded.

And, this is where Green Funerals come into our thoughts.

The location for our ceremonies, burials, cremations, using dignified and traditional Victorian Horse Drawn Carriages, pulled along by two fine Belgian Black Stallions, complete with head dresses and robes. Or then again you can select Daimler or Rolls Royce motor transport. You can chose from one of the widest selection of Coffins, from Solid Oaks or Mahogany to real wood veneers, Elm Foils, Sea grass or Willow, Bamboo or Banana Leaf. There are still Cardboard coffins on the market but these are not acceptable at every crematorium or burial site. We have associations with a number of Green Burial sites, along with religious and non-religious, Civil and Humanist Funeralists, to make the complete service and ceremony just as a family would wish, by a truly family run funeral directors, perhaps the only husband, wife and daughter business around in this County.

But it is for you to choose. It is your wish that needs to be satisfied. The same goes for those making arrangements for a loved one who is unable to make the choice for themselves.

We at Aubrey Kirkham Funeral Directors pride ourselves on offering a "Superior Standard of Care". Our boast is that only lady staff members deal with our lady clients; this is to ensure the highest level of care and respect.


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