Humanist Funerals

The Humanist Society has a most excellent web-site, and local organisations that welcome members from far and wide.

We arrange a large number of Humanist Funeral Services throughout Shropshire and Mid Wales and these are conducted by a Celebrant selected from those available who will truly suit the needs of the family and identify with the person to whom we are bidding farewell.

As with all non religious service's(and in fact a few Religious ceremony's) the content and the structure of the service may well reflect the person who has died. There will be music, verse, readings and a "this is your life" type tribute, ending with the words of goodbye.

Every part done with great dignity, respect and taste and always remembering that there will be those present with religious beliefs so no disrespect is ever paid.

These are certainly ceremonies with the highest standards and great respect, understanding and consideration.

We would be happy to explain more.


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Use our online memorials facility to view or leave a message to a friend or loved one who has passed on. Donations can also be made from this section.


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