Headstones and Memorials

Following the funeral of a loved one, many people like to purchase a memorial as a lasting tribute. Memorials can take many forms, such as a headstone on a burial plot or a niche within the crematorium grounds.

The selection of a memorial is very personal and there are many things that may govern your choice. We have a display of memorial stones for you to view if needed.

If it is the first time you have purchased a memorial it is helpful if you have professional advice.

Garden Seats and Benches – sourced from a local supplier, can be personalised with plaques, and help is on hand to site these seats where others can enjoy them, or of course they can be placed in a tranquil location.

Trees and Shrubs – can be a most fitting of reminders as well as assisting the environment. A relatively new idea is that of patterned or engraved glass, and through a contact with a leading glass specialist, windows, mirrors and other speciality items can be sourced.

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