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The Grief Journey

New perspectives on grief and loss

Dr Bill Webster believes that he has discovered a new paradigm by which we can understand the grief process, and he comes to share his perspectives with us.

He will show how many of the traditional systems have possibly overlooked the one determining factor by which bereavement and grief can be understood. Without contradicting any of the pioneers in this field, he will show how by looking at bereavement through this new “lense”, that many of the traditional symptoms and reactions can be better understood.

He will also share a 4 part strategy of Life Reorganization by which professionals and caregivers can effectively assist their client families to organize life after a significant loss. Participants will receive insights as to how to recognize the WHY of certain behaviours as well as some strategies as to the HOW of intervention.

Dr. Bill Webster is the founder and executive Director of the Centre for the Grief Journey. After graduating from the University of Toronto with his doctorate in 1990, Bill began facilitating grief support programs in numerous communities. He also offers individual and family grief counseling, and conducts many professional seminars and educational programs on the topics of grief both in North America and in Britain.

Dr Webster has authored several books, including “Grief Journey”; “When Someone You Care About Dies”; “When Someone You Care About is Grieving”; “A Not-So-Jolly Christmas”; and “Now What”, as well as many articles and tapes, including a 5×1 hour video series entitled “From Mourning to Dawn”.

He recently completed a 3 DVD series entitled ‘Grief Matters, which along with a total package of support materials and manuals, provides agencies across the country the resources to provide grief support to it’s constituents.

Dr. Webster brings a unique blend of personal experience, academic education and many years of practical application to his work, combining his own story with his knowledge and sense of humour to effectively communicate his message.

More information on getting through grief and loss can be found on our Grief Support Portal, where you will find videos and useful resources.

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