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THE CREMATION (ENGLAND & WALES) REGULATIONS 2008 came into effect on January 1st 2009 and whilst very few families will have noticed a difference, there have been very important alterations with regard to documentation and procedures.

Somewhere nearing 75% of all funerals are followed by committal with Cremation. Sometimes it is at the express wish of the person who has died, occasionally at the behest of the family and sometimes for religious or cultural reasons. But costs play an increasing part in the decision making process. With the availability of land for burial at a premium, together with rising maintenance costs, it can lessen the future costs for a family.

There are many choices of crematorium, and we here at Aubrey Kirkham Funeral Directors have arranged and conducted funerals at many distant Crematoria, including Golders Green in London, and those on the South Coast and North Eastern England too. It must be borne in mind that different rules and regulations apply to cremations in Scotland and Ireland.

Most Crematoria are owned and operated by Local Authorities however there are a growing number that are privately owned and operated. Local to us here is Telford Crematorium a very fine modern operation under private control, whose standards of service are excellent, their location too is very wonderful. There are Crematoria at Wrexham at Pentre-Bychan, Shrewsbury at Emstrey, Worcester, Stourbridge, Bushbury near Wolverhampton and Aberystwyth, to name but a few.

At every Crematorium there are grounds where Cremated remains may be buried or scattered and full details of the options are available on request.

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