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It is often considered that repatriation is something that only ever happens occasionally and to others, however the fact is that it can affect any of us.

Imagine if you will, that someone upon retirement seeks to live in the sunshine, in Europe or further afield. Imagine too that we all take holidays, often abroad, but sometimes to areas with differing regulations and rules.

For example, if a person died whilst visiting Scotland or Northern Ireland, then different rules will apply to their removal back to their native town if they so desire. The problem can become much worse in countries whose culture means that the deceased are buried within a matter of 48 hours.

For example, a person dies on holiday in one of the usual holiday areas in Europe. The need is for very speedy action through the Embassy or Consulate in that Country to begin the arrangements for a Repatriation to take place.

There are expert companies in the United Kingdom of Great Britain who specialise in handling such instructions and we have an excellent working relationship with them, so as to take the pressure from the shoulders of a family and ease the burden. So that arrangements can be made on home ground.

sunshine over water

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