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How much will a funeral cost?

Holding a funeral can be expensive so it can be very important to make decisions in line with your budget.

Your loved one may well have set aside money for such use in their will or made other arrangements, or the cost may be covered by their estate.

But if that’s not the case, and you’re personally responsible, it’s a good idea to see what you can afford and ensure you, and your funeral director, work within that amount.

The average cost of a funeral today is more than £3,000, though that figure can be much lower – or indeed higher – depending entirely on the choices you make.

The cost of a funeral director amounts to a significant percentage of the outlay required, although it should be remembered they do, or at least can, carry out a large number and wide variety of tasks including…

Taking care of the deceased before the ceremony (including washing and dressing)

Helping to select a suitable coffin (these can range from bespoke caskets to more affordable, eco-friendly coffins made from robust cardboard)

Transporting the deceased to a chapel of rest

Providing a hearse and other vehicles if necessary

Providing pallbearers

Organising all legal matters and certificates

They can also purchase flowers, arrange press notices and obituaries, pay burial or cremation fees on behalf of a family, organise the chapel of rest, arrange any music and even make catering arrangements for the funeral reception.

Payment is usually by credit/debit card, cheque or BACS – and it may be possible to arrange a payment plan if arranged in advance.

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