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Pre-paid funeral plans

Just like taking out Life Insurance or making a Will, pre-planning your funeral with a Funeral Plan is a straightforward way of planning for your future. It allows you to arrange and pay for your funeral in advance. Find out why more and more people in the UK are choosing to pre-pay their funerals showing the benefits.

What is a funeral plan?

A Funeral Plan allows you to arrange and pay for a funeral in advance. This gives you real peace of mind, knowing that when the time comes all your arrangements will have been made and there will be no bill left to pay.

The benefits

Peace of mind for you and your family…By planning your funeral in advance, you’ll be sparing your family and friends the difficult decisions when making funeral arrangements. One phone call from a family member or friend is all that is needed to set your Plan in motion.

Never worry about rising funeral costs

With a Funeral Plan, neither you nor your family will have to worry about rising funeral costs. That’s because the price of the guaranteed services is in your Plan, no matter how far ahead your funeral is needed or how much prices may rise in the future.

Everything will be taken care of

Once you have taken out a Plan, you’ll never have to worry about your funeral again. We will carry out your wishes in a professional, caring manner.

We are here 24 hours a day

We are contactable all the time, 365 days a year, ensuring there’s always someone available in the time of need.

Your money is secure

Your money is placed in a trust fund that without the relevant authorisation cannot be accessed.

A plan to suit your requirements

There is a choice of four types of Funeral Plans; all which include a cremation funeral service only, offering different levels of funeral arrangements to suit your personal needs and budget.

Ecclesiastical Planning Service is now regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). We welcome this approach as does our funeral plan provider, Ecclesiastical Planning Services, which has customer transparency and fairness at the heart of its model. To find out more about Ecclesiastical’s approach, visit

The costs

Financial pressures, coupled with rising costs are creating a very difficult time for some families, and so if they are faced with a Bereavement, then what is a dreadful emotional heartbreak could become a catastrophic financial headache.

At Aubrey Kirkham Funeral Directors we think we have some solutions;-
We offer excellent Ecclesiastical Planning Services Pre-Payment Funeral Plans, which can be tailor made to suit your needs. We also offer a full pre-arrangement funeral advice line and if needs be we can visit you at your home, or speak to you via Zoom at a time that suits you, to give you the information that might assist you and let you know your options.

Consideration has also been given to Environmental issues, and we strive to reduce our Carbon Footprint by using our New Jaguar XJ Hearse and matching following cars, a Jaguar XJ Black Limousine and XF Jaguar Estate.

We also have our 1947 Leyland Single Decker PS1 Tiger Bus, access to a Leyland Flat Bed Lorry, 1936 Rolls Royce Saloon, Motorcycle Hearse and Rolls Royce Silver Cloud Hearse, along with a Horse Drawn Hearse and our Victorian Hand Pulled Wheel Bier beautifully restored to its former splendour. Any of these options can be coupled with our local Green Field Burial Fields.

If you are faced with one of the worst situations, that of bereavement, then call Aubrey Kirkham Funeral Directors and find out why so many turn to us in times of need, at Shrewsbury 01743 368999, Four Crosses 01691 839292 or Welshpool 01938 555099. Our team of professionals, who are trained to assist in a respectful and dignified manner are available each and every day.

Aubrey Kirkham Funeral Directors, the name you can depend on for a superior standard of service!

Click below to visit the website of Ecclesiastical Planning Services, our funeral plan provider, for information about our set plans and to purchase online.

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