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Funeral reception or wake

Funeral receptions, or ‘wakes’ as they’re perhaps better known, were once traditionally held at the home of a family member or close friend.

It’s now far more common for people to book or hire a venue such as a pub, restaurant, social club, community centre or church hall.

It’s a chance for relatives and friends to gather together and perhaps remember the good times they spent with the deceased.

By no means necessarily a formal event, the reception usually features some kind of refreshment, though the types of food and drink that will be on offer are entirely up to you.

Many will pay for the venue to provide food for guests or bring in professional caterers, others will put together their own buffet and some people ask guests to bring along their own refreshments.

Each of the options will demand different costs, of course, and it must be remembered there’s no obligation to do anything at all.

Following cremation, ashes can be laid to rest but that does not have to be done immediately – and can be left until several days after the funeral.

Anyone intending to scatter or bury remains should first gain proper permission from the land owner(s) or authorities, while anyone planning to take ashes out of the country where cremation takes place will need to raise an ‘Out of Country’ letter – again, your funeral director should be able to help.

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