Memory Bears

Memory Bears

These locally made handmade memory bears are made from your loved ones clothing, and provide a wonderful and thoughtful way to deal with grief and help to keep memories of loved ones, with prices starting from £30.

Perfect for providing Grandchildren with a lasting memory of their Grandparents, or as a lasting keepsake created from a uniform or perhaps a favourite sports team shirt, these lovely memory bears will be unique & something to cherish.

All of the Memory Bears seen below are made by hand, using material or clothing supplied by the purchaser, and include embroidery of a name onto the bears foot. Other designs include a poem embroidered onto the Bear’s tummy, and perhaps wearing jackets or jumpers or even glasses. Cushions can be made from one item of clothing or from a patchwork of clothes, and can include embroidery of a poem or the name of a loved one. Blankets are also available.

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