Our female dressers

Designated female dressers for deceased ladies

Dignity and respectfulness have to be a main priority in this life, and even when a life comes to an end, then we, at Aubrey Kirkham Funeral Directors believe that respectfulness should not die as well.

That is why we employ a team of female dressers, who arrange and handle the dressing and preparation of all our lady clients. 

There is not a man in this world who has not been in a state of undress with a lady, as all our Mums are ladies, but there may be many a lady who, by choice or circumstance, has not been so attired during her life – therefore, it is our opinion that this choice should also be honoured at this point in life’s cycle.

Our Lady dressers are also trained in Embalming and reconstruction work, should either be necessary.

We are most proud to one of just a handful of Funeral Directors who offer such an important service to everyone.

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