Funeral ceremonies

Your religious requirements

We also offer funerals for different religions including Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist (to name only a few) and all the denominations of Christianity.

In addition, we can also provide any humanist or non-religious funeral service to meet your exacting requirements.

Green Ceremonies

“Dying a Good Death” someone called it, although we believe that “having your say in what happens next”, would be a far better title.

It is probably fair to say that the best person to arrange your own funeral, is you. We know what we would wish to be done, said, and sung and where it should all take place. We also know what we would prefer not to be said or done. So what can we do about it?
Well, I suppose the first big step is to get things written down. Here at Aubrey Kirkham Funeral Directors we offer a Pre- Arrangement Service, aimed at helping and supporting people just like you in getting their wishes recorded.

And, this is where Green Funerals come into our thoughts.

The choices that you have available for your own personal ceremony are varied, and incorporate decisions on such matters as the location for your ceremony? Whether you choose burial or cremation? Would you like to take your final journey using our dignified and traditional Victorian Horse Drawn Carriages, pulled along by two fine Belgian Black Stallions, complete with head dresses and robes. or then again you could select a Jaguar or Rolls Royce motor transport. You also have the choice of a wide selection of Coffins, from solid Oaks or Mahogany to real wood veneers, Elm Foils, Sea grass or Willow, Bamboo or Banana Leaf. There are also still Cardboard coffins on the market but these are not acceptable at every crematorium or burial site. We have associations with a number of Green Burial sites, along with religious and non-religious, Civil and Humanist Funeralists, to make the complete service and ceremony just as a family would wish, by a truly family run Funeral Directors, perhaps the only husband, wife and daughter business around in this County.

But it is for you to choose. It is your wish that needs to be satisfied. The same goes for those making arrangements for a loved one who is unable to make the choice for themselves.

We at Aubrey Kirkham Funeral Directors pride ourselves on offering a “Superior Standard of Care”. Our boast is that only lady staff members deal with our lady clients; this is to ensure the highest level of care and respect.

Civil Funerals

A celebration of life

Shropshire Registration and Celebratory Services are able to offer an alternative funeral service. When someone passes away, families and friends are the ones left with the difficult task of planning and arranging the funeral service. The main concern is always to ensure that the ceremony is carried out with dignity, and above all, a fitting celebration and testimony of the life of their loved one.

For those with no particular religious beliefs, a civil ceremony provides an alternative to the religious ceremony.

What is a civil funeral service?

A civil funeral service is a ceremony that has no religious content and which concerns itself entirely with remembering and celebrating the life of the person who has died.

How is the ceremony created?

We will work with you every step of the way to create a truly individual picture of the life and times of the person whom you have lost. We will use your recollections, memories and anecdotes, and those of other close friends or family members to assemble the ceremony. We will talk to you about the things that you would like to be included in the ceremony and we will make sure that you are happy with its content and accuracy before the day of the funeral, giving you every chance to make changes if necessary.

Where can a civil funeral service be held?

A ceremony can be held almost anywhere that you wish and is appropriate for cremations, burials at non-religious burial grounds or woodland burial sites.

Who conducts the service?

The service will be conducted by one of our excellent, trained celebrants.

Humanist Funerals

The Humanist Society has a most excellent web-site, and local organisations that welcome members from far and wide.

We arrange a large number of Humanist Funeral Services throughout Shropshire and Mid Wales and these are conducted by a Celebrant selected from those available who will truly suit the needs of the family and identify with the person to whom we are bidding farewell.

As with all non religious service’s(and in fact a few Religious ceremony’s) the content and the structure of the service may well reflect the person who has died. There will be music, verse, readings and a “this is your life” type tribute, ending with the words of goodbye.

Every part done with great dignity, respect and taste and always remembering that there will be those present with religious beliefs so no disrespect is ever paid.

These are certainly ceremonies with the highest standards and great respect, understanding and consideration.

We would be happy to explain more.

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