Why are water ceremonies becoming more popular?

Burial at sea

The number of people opting to have their ashes scattered over water is growing every year. There is no one specific reason why people choose the water, but I thought you’d be interested in why our customers choose a water scattering ceremony: :

  • The deceased loved the water.
  • They worked on or with the water – Navy personnel, fishermen etc.
  • It is becoming more widely discussed in families as a ceremony location.
  • People have attended a water ceremony and thought it was a great choice.
  • Childhood beach holidays are popular as they evoke strong happy memories.
  • For our Sikh and Hindu customers Covid has stopped them returning to India so they have used rivers in the UK and this appears to have been popular.

One other reason maybe that Rivers, Lakes and the Sea are great places for an ashes ceremony because, as long as you follow some simple rules (basically nothing polluting in the water), you don’t need to seek permission from anyone. 

Whatever the reason it is always good to know that this is a great option for your clients. 

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